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Itch! Scratch! Bite! Repeat! Effective Relief for Dog Allergies: Supplements, Baths, and More!

Allergies are hitting and our dogs and cats are scratching and biting more than ever! If it's happening now and no diet changes have occurred, chances are it is environmental allergies! Relief can be found in supplements like Bovine Colostrum, Quercetin, and soothing baths. For bathing and soothing itching from allergies, I really love Skout's Honor Probiotic Itch Shampoo and Itch Spray. If your dog has created raw spots, Honey Silver soothes and heals the skin quickly.

Girl massaging soap into the fur of a small silver and black Schnauzer during bath time
Soothing bath

You can help reduce the reaction to the allergens by wiping your pet down with wipes or a clean damp towel when they come in from the outdoors. Keeping them wiped down reduces the amount of allergens that can work down through their fur to their skin that cause more irritation.

If your pet continues to suffer, please reach out to your vet for further assistance in giving your pet relief.


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