Barkers Anonymous


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Whether you want your dog to do handstands or just behave when a guest comes over, we can help you to achieve your goals with your dog.  We take a holistic approach to training, taking everything into consideration.  What triggers certain behaviors or fears?   How can we manage these problem behaviors while changing the behavior?  We accomplish these goals with a holistic approach using positive reinforcement.

We will go the extra mile to help your dog become a well adjusted member of your family.  


Barkers Anonymous Specializes in:

Fear Aggresion

Leash Reactivity

Separation Anxiety


Potty Training

Basic Obedience (loose leash walking, leave it, drop it, sit, down, stay, and place)

Boundary training

Resource guarding

Tricks for fun!


Trainers will also teach you what to look for when your dog is feeling stressed or uncomfortable.  Body language teaches us a great deal about our furry friends and is often misinterpreted. 


Do you have a behavioral issue?  We can help you to correct many behavioral issues.  We believe there is no such thing as a bad dog!  With our expert training, we can guide you and your dog to a happy and rewarding relationship.